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City and county officials in the Coastal Bend have given tax breaks worth over $700 MILLION to big corporations, while underfunding local public services like road repair, public safety and parks.


At the same time, local school board members have cost ALL Texas taxpayers more than $1.7 BILLION by agreeing to tax breaks for some of the worst corporate polluters in the Coastal Bend.

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Advocates of corporate tax breaks say they create needed local jobs. But at what cost?  


Now we know the answer. A new study conducted by AutoCase Economic Advisory has shown that the average cost to Coastal Bend taxpayers for just ONE promised job is over $950,000.


Nearly $1 million in tax breaks for ONE job – thanks to the Corpus Christi City Council, the San Patricio County Commissioners Court, the Gregory-Portland ISD Board of Trustees, and more.


It’s time for this madness to end. Coastal Bend taxpayers are picking up the tab while big polluter executives and shareholders take home record profits.


But corporations like Cheniere and others persist.  Cheniere, already the recipient of over $1.2 billion in tax breaks, is now asking for ANOTHER $150 million.  Altogether, there are still 24 pending applications for polluter tax breaks in Nueces and San Patricio Counties!


We need our Coastal Bend elected officials to take a stand! And if they won’t, we need to find some who will!  


Cheniere’s proposed tax $150 million tax break will soon be before the GP-ISD Board of Trustees. Sign up here to stay up-to-date and join us as we call on the GPISD Board and others to say NO MORE TAX BREAKS FOR CORPORATE POLLUTERS!

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